LEAP OF FAITH at NO·NO gallery / Lisbon, Portugal

LEAP OF FAITH / curated by Miguel Mesquita

Artists: Ana Pérez-Quiroga, Ana Rebordão, Carlos Arteiro, Carlos Mensil, Catarina Real, Diogo Bolota, Filipe Cortez, Gema Rupérez, Januário Jano, Magda Delgado, Mariana Caló + Francisco Queimadela, Pablo Barreiro and Pedro Pascoinho.

May 25 – July 31, 2020
Rua de Santo António à Estrela, 39 A. Lisbon, Portugal
Exhibition view

Ana Pérez-Quiroga

Catarina Real

Exhibition view

Carlos Arteiro (left), Magda Delgado (right)

Januário Jano

Catarina Real

Filipe Cortez

Gema Rupérez

Pablo Barreiro
Leap of Faith is the group exhibition that inaugurates the new space and a gallery project of the NO·NO gallery. Curated by Miguel Mesquita, the exhibition presents 14 artists of which are guest artists : Ana Rebordão, Catarina Real, Diogo Bolota, Januário Jano, and the artistic duo Mariana Calo + Francisco Queimadela.
The title of the exhibition refers to an expression commonly attributed to the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, which defines the model of transition to the third and last state of life and arises as a the response to the proposition of no-no’s opening, which results from a transformation, a re-foundation. Simultaneously referring to the task of creating a gallery project and the state of mind that motivates the new framing of the gallery, the title of the exhibition remits to an act of accepting or believing in something beyond the limits of reason. Just as Kierkegaard’s “leap” represents a change in a state of skepticism towards belief, the works presented explore this acceptance beyond rationality as a system of individual validation of the artistic object, charging the viewer with the duty of accepting the interpretation of the artworks and the relation they establish between themselves. Through the idea of leap, the selected artworks recover the Kierkegaardian concept of transition between states, informally going through themes inherent to this condition such as acceptance, the occult, the unknown, the irrational and the will, while at the same time confronting these themes with elements of characterisation of the human nature, such as fear, hesitation and error.
photo crédits: Bruno Lopes