Vladislav Markov at Spazio ORR / Brescia

Vladislav Markov 
Extra Medium

June 27 – August 18

Spazio ORR
Via Cremona, 115
Brescia, Italy


All images courtesy of the artist and Spazio ORR.

The materials, their origin, and physical properties play a key role in Vladislav Markov’s sculptural works. Equally important is the social context in which these materials are functioning in everyday life; the nature of the relationships they establish between humans and their surroundings, environment, and terrain.

Markov often uses common industrial objects and waste, repurposed elements, and hardware store or flea market items to create works that illustrate his interest in manipulating and animating these found objects that speak to contemporary culture.

Markov fabricates or cast objects when he finds it necessary to convey an aesthetic, or visualize an idea that can’t be found or doesn’t already exist. In doing so, he visually communicates in a way that is unique to his narrative, while inviting the viewer to bring their own perspective to interpret the thoughts, issues, and ideas.