Les Anèmones at Bombon Projects / Fonteta, Spain

 Rosa Tharrats and Lluís Tudela / Les Anèmones

3 -29 August 2020

Bombon Projects

C/ Empordà 10

17110 Fonteta, l’Empordà

The Anemones is part of a collaboration that Rosa Tharrats and Lluis Tudela carried out in February 2019 in Cap de Creus, where Tharrats made an installation that Lluís Tudela photographed. Now, these photographs are distorted and grafted onto a large collective tapestry or reinterpreted through sculptures that, like membranes, couple some works with others and generate perimeter units of meaning (visual, atmospheric, sensory). An installation in which the document (the photograph of Lluís Tudela) becomes the body and prosthesis of the work, and vice versa.