Pulse /ˈ s ɪ s təm/ at Galerie l’axolotl / Toulon

Pulse /ˈ s ɪ s təm/

Juliette Feck, Léo Fourdrinier, Nona Inescu, Tomek Jarolim, Flavien Laboirie, Alessandro Nucci, Perera Elsewhere ft. Gonjasufi, Pussykrew, Pierre Renucci, Constantin Schlachter, Marc Turlan, Mélanie Villemot

Curated by Léo Fourdrinier

June 26 – August 14, 2020

Galerie l’axolotl, Toulon, France

A star is a self-gravitating object in which oscillation modes are generated by an excitation phenomenon.

Compared to other fields of astronomy, the study of stars is an ancient science.

Questions about the internal structure of stars are among the most complex. For the moment, this internal structure remains a mystery since we can only observe the surface of stars.

However, the discovery of waves propagating in stellar interiors seems to be a promising avenue for solving this mystery. These waves make stars oscillate, which is why they are called pulsating stars. The science that studies these stars is called asteroseismology, which allows us to probe the interiors of stars. 

Since 2012, a group of researchers has been trying to identify a certain type of star with an anomaly in its light oscillations. This missing vibration frequency interrupts the linearity of the light variation. Stars with this anomaly are called «depressed stars», as opposed to «laughing stars» – normal. 

The collective exhibition Pulse /ˈsɪstəm/ is the second chapter of the artistic project initiated by Léo Fourdrinier during his residency at Le Port Des Créateurs (Toulon), based on the research of Arthur Le Saux,

researcher at the Astrophysics Group at Exeter University in England. After his solo exhibition entitled “Pulse”, Léo Fourdrinier invites twelve artists to join him in the gallery l’axolotl.

The constellation depicted by the thirteen artists of Pulse /’sɪstəm/ extends and enhances a view at the crossroads of the arts and sciences, through a common sensitivity to the exploration and interpretation of terrestrial and spatial materials.