Geographical emblems and Important data at Fitzrovia Gallery /London, UK

Juan Crespo and Giuseppe Lana / Geographical emblems and Important data

2 September – 19 September, 2020
Fitzrovia Gallery
139 Whitfield St, Bloomsbury
London W1T 5 EN 

A.- Title: Geographical emblems and Important data

B.- Introduction. In the following text, I will share some information and introductory concepts that could help to navigate the seductive proposal of Giuseppe Lana and Juan Crespo. Additionally, the alchemical process of a piece of writing, to turn the data into a coherent reflection; with the objective of bringing up this adventure somewhere else.

C.- Important data. A start point is a relational approach; They are neighbours and have known each other for quite a long time. “We have coffee at home, we have conversations; Giuseppe has an art place in Sicily, we also go out to play in the park with his son”.

Therefore, a productive dialogue took place between them and me —us—, shaping a community. “I believe that the ideas surrounding the exhibition are also part of your research, and this is how we decided to reach you out via a common-dear friend”.

In this exhibition, G.L and J.C create geographical gestures, with humour but with care, sensibility. They are continuously exploring South-type contemporary political configurations, which allows the dissolution of the hard lines of being, to transgress watertight compartments. In other words, “self” and “everything else” is the same thing. “Everything else” including the land, the water, the air, the flora, the fauna, the human beings that connect with geographical distribution, and the spiritual forces of it.

For example, as a result of that, appears the mosquito and its migratory flows. Mosquitoes move from one place to another one, they want blood!. Another example would be humbly learning from Astrology, about winter and, create something that expresses our being, our desires. As I heard “I do not want to misrepresent a minority, although I feel I connect with certain issues”.

D.- Conclusion. It could be poetic or explicit, it could be challenging; nevertheless, the origin does not matter but the project. I usually have a look at this kind of documents to know if the artist is brave with the categories. Accordingly, I take the right to say, feel calm, they are cool!. This is because of empathy and, as a way of being in the world. 

Text by Araceli Gómez Castro