Anouk Chambaz at Baleno / Rome

Anouk Chambaz – A View from the Cliff

from 27.09.2020 to 01.11.2020


Via L’Aquila 29
00176 Rome

Courtesy: the artist and BALENO. Ph. Beppe Raso

Baleno is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of artist and director Anouk Chambaz (*1993, Lausanne), showing the film A View from the Cliff (2020) for the first time to the public. 
The research for this work began in 2017 with the artist’s first trip to Étretat, in Normandy, while the last shots were made recently in the summer of 2020.
With this film, Chambaz promotes a gaze towards the world at the margins of anthropocentrism, which questions the centrality of humans moving closer to what surrounds us, be it something abiotic, like the cliff or animal, like seagulls. With the publication of an interview journal, available in the reading room, the exhibition shows an in-depth presentation of Chambaz’s long research relating to Étretat’s cliffs, geological time, and extinction processes. Cyanotypes, taken from the film and realised with exposure to natural light, give instead an intimate glimpse of the sea, which is both disturbing and distant, like a mass of water on which much of life on Earth depends.