Palette: Three-legged Evidence at Les Parallèles du sud – Manifesta 13 / Marseille

Palette: Three-legged Evidence / Daria Melnikova

with invited artists: Uģis Albiņš, Victoire Barbot, Anna Ceipe, Baptiste Charneux, Kaspars
Groševs, Indriķis Ģelzis, Ainārs Kamoliņš, Ieva Kraule-Kūna, Elīna Vītola, Amanda
Ziemele, Ndayé Kouagou

curated by Merilin Talumaa, Maija Rudovska, Justė Kostikovaitė

25 September – 25 October, 2020

This exhibition is part of Roots to Routes  – Full programme consisting of exhibitions, artists talks, screenings, performances and site-specific walks in Marseille please check

Salon du Salon

21 avenue du Prado 

13006 Marseille

Photography by Philippe Munda 

Palette, created by artist Daria Melnikova, is a journeying platform that functions as a bar. With a focus on the process and exchange of experiences and ideas, Palette poses a sequence of episodes before the viewer, here, there or anywhere. Each episode comprises an eclectic mixture of artworks and collaborations of various kinds in a conjured set-up, shaped from daily observations, historical references, personal inspirations and passions.

The project’s second episode Palette: Three-legged Evidence brings together Latvian and French artists who offer a selection of works in different media, inspired by historical events, significant objects, memories from places and personal utopias. Reflections of renaissance in the pristine waters of dreams, sun-kissed street walls, round tables and rustic dinners march on the crooked legs down a twisted route under the rosé sky.

About the artist:

Daria Melnikova is a Riga-based artist, who works with installations and objects. Her work results from a meditative study of daily routine, clichés, architectural details and mere casual moments. She has recently exhibited in Gallery Vartai, Vilnius; Karlin Studios, Prague; PLATO, Ostrava; Kulturfolger, Zurich; Kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga.

Roots to Routes is a collaboration between artists, curators and non-profit organisations from the city of Marseille and the Baltic countries, curated by Merilin Talumaa, Maija Rudovska and Justė Kostikovaitė, taking place in Marseille as part of Manifesta 13 Biennial programme Les Parallèles du Sud from 28 August to 25 October 2020. The project invites strangers to encounter the unknown and unfamiliar within the urban environment, while exploring and challenging concepts of ‘homebase’, ‘belonging’ and ‘identity’.

The project is supported by:

Baltic Culture Fund, Lithuanian Culture Institute, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Culture Abroad, Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation, Estonian Embassy in Paris, Manifesta 13 Marseille. The European Nomadic Biennial.