Real Madrid at L’Ascensore / Palermo

Real Madrid – Piove piscio da 10 giorni 

Opening Friday 18th September 2020 – h. 7 pm

18 September 2020 – 6 November 2020

Vicolo Niscemi 8

90133 Palermo

Photo credits: Filippo M. Nicoletti

L’Ascensore is pleased to present the first Italy solo show by the artist duo Real Madrid titled Piove piscio da 10 giorni with a text by Samuel Gross.
“Their work often uses local codes built around the social idea of pathology and the subsequent stigmas. The choice of their name comes from an interest in misunderstanding, making it difficult to find material through online search engines. Through the re-appropiation of the name of a famous football club, Real Madrid declares itself a “parallel” counterfeit luxury item. The Real Madrid installation plays on the concept of filter. Screens, glasses are only fragments of a fatal filter that we carry with us. It protects us a little, but above all it doesn’t fix anything. Create a void, a small space, a film. The exhibition reminds us that the world is full of these moments, these moments of a slight change.” Samuel Gross