Jan Gatewood at SMART OBJECTS / Los Angeles

Jan Gatewood / Alas! Mocktales to Infinity

November 13 – January 1, 2021
1828 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Drawing can either…
A: Generate form
B: Register personal emotion
C: Both A & B are correct and the question is constantly recurring

Walk around cruelty and find the funny in it…

Oops, upside your head and underneath the bridge

Come into our world and the whole forest will converse… Trust our DUST

Produce, Reduce, Reuse.

Dust is the scattered remains of all we’ve seen.

Ok, stop. What’s happening is a meditation on selected pins in the brain. The nucleus is collage. Now,
fuse the formal restrictions and the result is the harmonious contradiction embodied.

The beginning was the end… join the mythocracy


Jan Gatewood (b. 1994, Aurora, CO) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Gatewood’s visual practice

focuses on the intersections of drawing, painting, and collage. He often uses humor and immediacy as
a point of departure for colliding seemingly disparate images, objects, and materials. Always interested
in having multiple conversations simultaneously, his work exists on a shifting scale ranging from one
liners to harmonious contradictions. Gatewood’s oeuvre has been featured in Whitewall and Amadeus
Magazine. Recent exhibitions include Insect Gallery, Los Angeles, Pt. 2., Los Angeles, Real Pain Fine
Arts, Los Angeles, and The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA.