Robert Hawkins and Bora Akinciturk at The Residence Gallery / London

Robert Hawkins and Bora Akinciturk / Ello Govna

December 3 – January 31, 2021

The Residence Gallery
229 Victoria Park Road
London E9 7HD, UK

Dog drools 
grass grows over the room 
like in the old, ruined Macondo
where time stopped 
and ants took the little one away
mashed together with rats and mammoths 
not killed in time 
here to stay
not extinct 

wizard waves his wand 
and hopes to perform a miracle
and maybe the wizard can manage
if he makes it before
grass grows over the room
and the last mammoth is caught
and eaten
and statue is made out of mammoth fangs
it will be found in 20,000 years 
and someone told me that it was found yesterday 

you can build a city from coinage of gold
make it home for white doves
which will be a sign for the inhabitants 
that the city is full of virtuous news 
even despite the fact
that doves barely had a saying in choosing of a nest

no sinister evil will be in this city  
and if someone aims at a woman with a gun
if only under premise of a very good reason 
the city will be populated by knights 
full of courage and bravery 
full of memories of mammoths 
who never managed to be killed 
but who 
despite this 
could not befriend ants and rats
couldn’t stay alive
and yet became extinct
and yet became extinct

A text by Natalya Serkova