Léo Fourdrinier at V’ROOM, Crugny

Léo Fourdrinier

October 24, 2020 – January 30, 2021

Crugny, France

Léo Fourdrinier @ V’ROOM. 39 x 41 x 37 cm. Plaster, LED, wood, Dibond
Production: Maison Vide
Curated and transported by Julien PaciV’ROOM, Crugny, Grand Est Region, FrancePhotos by Julien Paci, text by Léo Fourdrinier

All images courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

In the mobile gallery V’ROOM, Léo Fourdrinier exposes a custom-made and sensual work, in the continuity of his work in dialogue with the astrophysical phenomena of luminous variations of the stars.

“Through a poetic popularization of science, as if he wanted to make us a supersonic man, LéoFourdrinier draws a parallel between the pulsation of a star and the emotions of love.»
AVEC TOI J’IRAI BIEN (WITH YOU I’LL BE ALRIGHT) takes advantage of the mobility of the exhibition and tries to take the spectator into a quivering dance. Inspired by the 2000’s hit “AuSoleil / In the sun ” by the French singer Jenifer, the work resembles an offering: the artist’s plaster-molded hands hold out a setting sun, a bright red star of hypnagogic intensity, to the viewer. Indeed, it is to the sun that Jenifer goes, to burn her memories and offer herself a precious ardor to replace the human warmth that she sorely missed in a love story that has become toxic.
Je suis à celui qui me transporte / I belong to the one who carries me
Avec toi j’irai bien / With you I’ll be alright
Même sans toi j’irai bien / Even without you I’ll be alright
Au soleil / In the sun 
M’exposer un peu plus / Expose myself a little more
Au soleil / In the sun
In Paul Eluard’s poetic work, the solar metaphor is recurrent, associated with the woman, like fire through its flames – which we find in Jenifer’s refrain (When the heart is no longer there / Burningwhat one loves / And warming one’s body / In the sun), symbolize the illuminating, purifying and fertile action. In his poem THE GIFT, the first three verses of which are as follows:
Elle est noyau figue pensée / She is nucleus fig thought
Elle est le plein soleil sous mes paupières closes / She is the full sun under my closed eyelids
Et la chaleur brillante dans mes mains tendues / And the brilliant warmth in my outstretched hands
In Éluard, the woman is a woman-aster, a solar woman, she is luminous, a generator of light, and she concentrates here all the colors of deep vitality. The interior of the mobile gallery lets the sculpture and the outside environment reflect against its black and shimmering walls. The deformations and multiple images of the light circle intermingle within a dreamlike vision of the exhibition space, which is then without borders. In the same way, the luminous spots are scattered throughout the poem and diffuse into the poet’s inner gaze: they are created by this “interior of the view”, as suggested by the image of the “closed eyelids” that hold the image of the outside world so that the gaze can continue its journey to illuminate the inner being…

So, if you too want to feel terrific like Jenifer, come and take a ride with V’ROOM ! <3

V’ROOM is a mobile gallery integrated into the trunk of a moped created by the artist Julien Pacito to allow the diffusion of contemporary art in the Grand Est region (France). Each invited artist presents a custom-made exhibition, the vernissage of which is then delivered to the spectator at home.
V’ROOM is a project led by Maison Vide, Crugny creation and diffusion space, Champagne-Ardenne, France.