Planet Caravan at Sonnenstube / Lugano

“Planet Caravan” / Marta Ravasi & Nicola Tirabasso
Curated by Gabriel Stöckli

05 March – 3 April, 2021

Sonnenstube offspace, Nada

Via Tassino Lugano, CH

“I am pleased to present an exhibition focused on the cohabitation of distinct languages, seeking an intimate atmosphere where painting and sound are the protagonist. The desire to explore this combination of expression followed the desire to collaborate with Marta and Nicola, artists who both express in their deep research a sincere connection with the medium they use, without slipping into futile virtuosity.

Marta’s five canvases and the 31-minutes sound track “weary & eternal” presented by Nicola shape the exhibition, titled “Planet Caravan”. This title, borrowed from Black Sabbath, refers to a song that is detached from the band’s most famous discography, with a strongly experimental character, it has an immersive and a dreamlike power, a component recreated inside Nada`s mobile home, a Tabbert caravan.

The oil paintings on canvas reveal details depending on the light and the time of the day. The sound composition is a decisive element, through its variations it characterizes the surrounding atmosphere. It is here that the visitor can see the exhibition individually, a place of narrow dimensions and specific character, where visual and sound impulses take us to a personal journey, triggering memories and nostalgic feelings.”

– Gabriel Stöckli

Sonnenstube Off-space presents the bi-personal exhibition “Planet Caravan”, which opens the 2021 program titled “40’000 km/h: escape from the earth”, a series of events dedicated to contemporary art that will take place in the city of Lugano and that will see as first episode the exhibition of works by Marta Ravasi and Nicola Tirabasso, curated by Gabriel Stöckli. On this occasion Sonnenstube will introduce its itinerant space “Nada” to Lugano. Nada (1972) is a Silver Edition roulette Tabbert that will be parked in the local camper area, Via Tassino, Lugano.

Marta Ravasi (1987) lives and works in Locarno. She studied painting at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan and holds an MA from Wimbledon College of Arts in London (2012). Marta Ravasi’s artistic practice is mainly focused on constant research on oil painting on canvas. Her work has been presented on several occasions including: “Violets of Mars” Fanta Spazio, Milan (2017); and the group exhibition “The Kids aren’t alright” la rada, Locarno (2020). In summer 2019 he took part in “Q-rated Nuoro” organized by the Quadriennale di Roma.  

Nicola Tirabasso (1993) lives and works between Italy and Portugal. He trained as a graphic designer at Naba in Milan and later with an MA at Goldsmith in London. He is a multidisciplinary artist, whose practice includes sound, video, installation, and graphic projects. Her work has been presented on several occasions and in multiple contexts, including Visio & Cbweavoer in ‘DELUSION, DISTORTION, DECEPTION’, Seager Gallery, London (2019); ‘NOMO’, Laurie Grove, Goldsmiths Artist Film & Moving Image, London (2019). 

This exhibition is part of the 2021 program entitled 40’000 km/h: escape from earth supported by Pro Helvetia, Città di Lugano, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino – DECS Fondo Swisslos and AIL