Wagehe Raufi at Kunstverein Siegen / Siegen, Germany

Wagehe Raufi / Screenings – Flat Extractions

Curated by Jennifer Cierlitza


Kunstverein Siegen

Kornmarkt 20, 57072 

Siegen, Germany

In the exhibition series “Screenings” Kunstverein Siegen presents installations of contemporary
artists* in the shop window, which are visible from the outside at any time.
The second invited artist is Wagehe Raufi (*1990, Dissen am Teutoburger Wald). She constructs
multimedia installations by capturing found objects and her own sculptural works using
photogrammetry software and combining them.

Representational forms are transferred from three-dimensional to two-dimensional space; colors
and textures react independently.
Through this playful approach, Raufi creates amorphous structures and fragile surfaces; digital
objects dissolve, merging into one another, but appearing corporeal in their entirety. The surface,
in turn, captures the real space in the shop window and incorporates the public space.

Raufi uses the shop window in which the installation “Flat Extractions” is shown as a diorama.
The installation focuses on the intertwining between the organic and the synthetic, the analog and
the digital. The accumulation of different materials disassembles their original forms and allows a
glimpse of the new. The recipients find themselves in a constant maelstrom of the constant
expansion of a seemingly never-ending pictorial surface.