Emmanuel Awuni at Harlesden High Street / London

Emmanuel Awuni – Hammer

Friday 16th April – Sunday 6th June

Harlesden High Street
57 High Street, Harlesden, London 

The exhibition, ‘Hammer’ is comprised of selected materials, from painting and sculpture to sound and performance by Emmanuel Awuni, inspired by a passage from Toni Morrison’s Beloved:

“With a sledge hammer in his hands and Hi man’s lead, the men got through. They sang it out and beat it up, garbling the words so they could not be understood; tricking the words so their syllables yielded up other meanings.” 

Hammer is an operation following the stitched tracks of ‘g’, the layers of the work tracing back to the importance of Black African oral culture to deep roots of black oral culture juxtaposed with literature and visual image. Translating the relationship between processed material paint text

The exhibition entails a sound installation and performance from Emmanuel Awuni. Two small speakers will be placed outside the gallery as part of the collection of artworks on display which includes sculpture and painting. The output from the sound is designed to establish a conversation and relationship between interior and exterior.

The gallery will be following the guidelines of lockdown as such a licensed security will be at the door to control the number of people allowed in the space which is a maximum five people security will also maintain and police social distancing rule if necessary. The exhibition will be open to the public people are encouraged to engaged with the artworks on display however there would be no supply of alcohol from the gallery.