Vanessa da Silva at LUNGLEY Gallery / London

Vanessa da Silva
The Inner Rhythm of the Collective

April 14th – May 22nd, 2021

270-276 Kingsland Rd
London, UK

All images courtesy and copyright of Vanessa da Silva and LUNGLEY Gallery.

LUNGLEY Gallery is pleased to present The Inner Rhythm of the Collective, a
solo exhibition by Vanessa da Silva. 
The Inner Rhythm of the Collective is a sculptural installation that consists of
hanging textiles suspended from the ceiling. Pale translucent silk fabrics hang next to
a variety of found fabrics including uniforms from state schools and football apparel
from the artist’s hometown São Paulo. Like a cultural patchwork, the installation forms
a transitory space within the gallery that flutters and vibrates with the movement of the
body as it passes through.

Influenced by her own movement between – leaving her native Brazil to live and work
in the United Kingdom, an enduring theme of the artist’s practice is the connection
between the individual and the group across global cultures. 

Her portable modules of space are designed to be packed in her suitcase as she
travels between continents, the artist’s own personal journey highlights the universal
nomadism of a globalised world, challenging preconceived ideas of the home, the
work hauls material culture and a collective sense of belonging and dwelling in the

Da Silva’s contemporary arrangement of space highlights the unstable boundaries of
its categorisation along lines of collectivity, mobility and fixity. The semi-transparent
quality of the flags serve both to conceal and frame the views of this process, uniting
spaces through which the body travels between cultures. 

Appropriated imagery including graphics found in European, African and Brazilian
national flags are patchworked together and an array of symbols from different cultures
and parts of the world, from Adinkra symbols of Ghana to logos as ‘Beanz’ and
‘Guaraná’, are screen-printed directly onto the surface of the flags. This juxtaposition
of symbols establishes a close relationship between the differences and celebrates
the ‘diversity’ that binds us all. 
Within this framework, the installation critiques the current changing socio-cultural
landscape, for da Silva the flags hold real power in their symbolism to suggest new
modes of belonging collectively. 

Vanessa da Silva (b. São Paulo, Brazil) lives & works in London. She has a BA in
Industrial Design, FAAP (São Paulo, Brazil) (1999) and an MA in Painting from the
Royal College of Art (UK) (2017).
Recent exhibitions include: Female Voices of Latin America, @Vortic with Public
Gallery (London, UK) (2021); Assembly Points, Public Gallery (London, UK) (2020);
Four Flags, Jaqueline Martins Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil), CIAP Kunstverein (Genk,
Belgium), La Loge (Brussels, Belgium) (2020); Salón Acme N0.8 (Mexico City,
Mexico) (2020); Vertical Zen [solo], Hospitalfield (Arbroath, Scotland) (2019);
Muamba Grove [solo], Sculpture Park Commission, Duarte Sequeira Gallery (Braga,
Portugal) (2019).