Kin-ting Li at South Parade / London

Kin-ting Li / Chimera

June 17 – July 24, 2021

South Parade
Enclave 9, 50 Resolution Way
London, SE8 4AL

Photo credit: Corey Bartle Sanderson

Situated between imagination and reality, Li creates evolving organic and inorganic structures that suggest both the microscopic and the astronomical. Li’s paintings synthesise departure points from daily life which range from observations of nature to literature and architecture. The dry and grainy accumulation of paint with which Li likes to work, creates a viscosity and friction that elicits new and unexpected forms. The protean renderings which shift and flow, make size and location uncertain and destabilise interpretation. By working on more than one canvas at a time, these magnified or reduced creations may be the interior or exterior of other paintings. The titles of each work reflect and dilate the space in which Li creates his work. 

Kin-ting Li (b.1991, Hong Kong) lives and works in London and graduated from The Slade School of Fine Art (2019). Recent group exhibitions include Sky-blue and green, VO Curations (London, 2020) and Just as when the night, Light Eye Mind (London, 2019).