looking in to look out at PuntWG / Amsterdam

looking in to look out

Waèl Allouche, Vicente Baeza, Tash Keddy, Sam Marshall Lockyer, Rodrigo Red Sandoval

initiated by Àngels Miralda

16 – 27 June, 2021


WG Plein, Amsterdam

It hits you like a roaring crash.  The first step taken beyond the dunes is met with topples and dives and collisions. It carries coarse sand particles that whip your cheeks and pounce like thick brown snakes towards their unsuspecting prey. An ecosystem of marine life, shells, algal blooms, oyster sperm, schools of fish and bleached driftwood enter through every cavity, hole, every porous element of exposed skin. A smell in the air, salt burns eyes and tastes dry on the inside of red glowing cheeks. Retreating from fierce elements behind a dune, a world appears. A patch of moss, mites, molecules, birth and death and everything that lies between. A shared moment is enough to create a community in this large mess called universe, galaxy, planet earth, island coast, a small area behind the shelter of a natural dune next to the windswept path leading to a quicksand reservoir, a tidal pool, a vast expanse.

The exhibiting artists came together in April 2021 during a visit to Texel island. The trip was not an official residency and therefore acts as a provocation to question traditional formats of residencies and communal experiences. A event on the 26th of June will be led by Hugo Palmar, organising member of airWG, in order to  connect the recent programming of airWG, the current parallel exhibition initiated by resident artist Mire Lee, and the questions facing established organisations as we emerge from recent conditions. The works of the exhibiting artists are connected by an event rather than themes, but can be interpreted through topics of hosting, intimacy, scale, and the poetics of materiality.