Inga Danysz at goeben / Berlin

Inga Danysz
Remedies for Vertigo

Jun 12 – Jul 17, 2021

Goebenstraße 22
Berlin, Germany

All images courtesy and copyright of artist and space. Photos by Stefan Hähnel.

Danysz’s work utilises the viewers tendency to relate the artwork to our bodies and leads us to consider the agency of the individual within systemic mechanisms of governing power.

In ‘Remedies for Vertigo’ infrastructure is characterised as an idealised system of control, where water and bodies and thoughts all run in the designated direction. But that’s not how I feel. I am the scum in the pipe. An artist that pays low taxes, gets fired for drinking on the job, lives off benefits sometimes and I go backwards more often than forwards. I’m hard for this immaculate tube to digest. Perhaps I should censor myself, be pristine and clean and go along with the current…

Although the glass drain pipe gracefully, and almost imperceptibly, weaves itself around the exhibition space, it feels like a spatio-temporal contraction, slowly tightening itself around me. The pipes subtly dominate the space and slowly I begin to internalise the direction it has laid out before me. I want to know where it ends. Maybe it never ends. Perhaps it is designed to keep me going forward, prescribe me the right choice to make and give me function and stability when the world outside is spinning out of control.  

Mary Furniss


Inga Danysz was born in Warsaw, Poland and currently lives in Berlin. She studied at Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main (DE) & The Cooper Union, New York (US) and at De Ateliers, Amsterdam (NL). Other exhibitions currently on view are ’Tell me no lies’ solo exhibition at Sydney, Sydney (AUS) May 22 – June 26, 2021; ‘Bildungsschock’ group exhibition at HKW, Berlin (DE) May 27 – July 11, 2021