Ammophila vol.2 / Elafonisos island, Lakonia, Greece

Ammophila vol.2:  “Under the burning sun” 

Curator: Evi Roumani

Participating Artists: 

Marilena Aligizaki, Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Kostas Christopoulos, Anastasia Douka, Thanos Fountas, HOPE, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Panagiotis Kefalas, Giannis Kondaratos, Georgia Kotretsos, Konstantinos Lianos, Maria Mavropoulou, Alexandra Nakou, Ilias Papailiakis, Eva Papamargariti, Alexios Papazacharias, Hara Piperidou, Poka-Yio, Valinia Svoronou, Amalia Vekri.

Participating Writers: 

Ioanna Gerakidi, Ariana Kalliga, Galini Lazani, Christina Papoulia, Christina Petkopoulou, Dimitris Spyrou, Theophilos Tramboulis,  Vicky Tsirou, Maria Xypolopoulou, Stephanos Yiannoulis, Kostis Zouliatis.

Location/Venue: Elafonisos School, Elafonisos island, Lakonia

Duration: 20-25 August 2021

Visiting Hours: 19:00-21:00  





For its second volume Ammophila attempts to initiate a discourse around alternative narrations of a sunny framework. “Under the burning sun” aims to create stories of relaxing moments where the sun can warm, comfort but also burn and destroy at the same time. All look well under the light or maybe not? What do we contemplate on when lying down under the most common presence in our lives? Why do we lie there and what do we expect of this warmth?

In an island where the sun is dominant and drives us there anything can happen under a burning sun, from salvation to destruction.

Join us on the sand(ammos) under the burning sun and let ammophila plants entangle you there until you find what you seek for…

About Ammophila exhibition: Ammophila contemporary art exhibition is a yearly visual arts project located in Elafonisos island, Lakonia. The exhibition aims to function as a living organism that constantly expands and at the same time promotes contemporary artistic creation. The exhibition is open to all artistic practice (painting, sculpture, installation, video art, performance, lectures etc.) and encourages experimental approaches in a creative context. Ammophila is an invitation to meet, discourse, exchange views between artists, writers and the public in an idyllic location whilst recreating its character. The exhibition aims to introduce the diverse audience of a popular tourist destination to a dialogue with artistic practice despite the remote character of the area. Cultural activities and especially those related to contemporary art develop a network of communication between the local community, the public and artists, which can further embellish the choices offered by the island.  Our main scope is to create a new cultural place of reference and an environment, a ground, where artistic practice meets no limitations.

*Ammophila takes its name from a genus of plants with most common amongst species, ammophila arenaria. It grows from a network of thick rhizomes which give it a sturdy anchor in its sand substrate and allow it to spread upward as sand accumulates. The rhizomes tolerate submersion in sea water and can break off and float in the currents to establish the grass at new sites. As implied by its name, Ammophila aspires to establish contemporary art discourse in a new site, under new circumstances that are always reconfigured and expanding. 

Organization: Ammophila non-profit in collaboration with the Municipality of Elafonisos.

*The use of face mask is mandatory throughout the exhibition