Benedikt Bock at Sangt Hipolyt / Berlin

Bellermann Hypnotist #1

Benedikt Bock / Anfang Aller Enden


August 6 – 22, 2021


Sangt Hipolyt

Bellermannstr. 79

13357 Berlin


Excerpt from “His Hobby was the Destruction
of Humankind”

[…] THE OTHER: Well? Do you have an answer? I
don’t either. I just have the feeling that all these extreme things like
hatred, fighting, and revolt also don’t get us anywhere. We have to see that we
can live well now and that our children can do so as well, don’t you think?
That’s why we are having this party today! There are more of us and our
children are healthy. That’s a reason to celebrate, isn’t it?

I didn’t say a word.

THE OTHER: And to keep this happy and
peaceful state, us ducks in the wild have agreed that appearing in front of
humans, as you say, as clumsy, cute, and entertaining is a good strategy.
Humans, you know, they’re nothing but feeling-driven mammals. And you’ve got to
take advantage of it when you get the chance! We are trying to get people to
become emotionally attached to us. If you look at history, you can sum it up by
saying one thing: the things one loves, one is less likely to kill. Don’t you

Not even in my wildest dreams would I have
thought ducks capable of so much strategic thinking. In a way, their position
was even impressive. Humans responded to the ducks with love and breadcrumbs,
and the ducks laughed up their sleeves.
Brilliant. But I couldn’t admit that to the