Julien Quentel at NIGHTTIMESTORY / Los Angeles


September 05- September 30, 2021

1048 S Gerhart Ave, Commerce
CA 90022, United States

PHOTOGRAPHY: all images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Nighttimestory, L.A.

The tubes
thresholds of the space, 
let me crossing 
will you allow me ?
Allow me
Is this the right distance ?
This is a distance
I’m in front of
does sculpture is still and more than ever a question of frontality?
And Los Angeles, 
how looks you now ?
coins, tokens, washers, pants buttons,
all these leftovers being left, 
give them some consideration, here i’m
Is there a relationship between equilibrium and precariousness?
On which side of the line am I ? am i able to walk in a straight line ? 
does the circulation of money have to do with the circularity of coins ?
the exchange value,
the transaction,
the belief in 
the art object 
pants buttons as washers as tokens as coins as
space as a photographic device
the photography and the sculpture
yet together
the analogy, 
window, shutter, 
door, sensor 
basically objects are placed near the window, 
tubes at the entrance of the room
The shoes belongs to male and female, together 
the bone of a chicken, 
the ball of a basketball player
the diving suit follows the waterline,
my thoughts
the same objects in differents places affirms repetition, 
And what about the continuity error ?
differents moments, i thought
questioned by the photographic,
questioned the photographic
the emergence of the work
the decay of the space
le seuil, 
le segment,