~ An invocation by Los Angeles based alchemist and artist, L.

September 24th – October 30th

No Gallery – 105 Henry St. Store #4 NYC, NY 

Every object within the space – material and aethereal – has been ritually endowed by L with the purpose of warding off, blocking, and erasing the realization of the singularity. It’s an event that is predicted to occur circa 2045, when self generating AI super-intelligence becomes the top of the food chain and takes over our planet – and theoretically the entire known universe. No one knows what would happen next.
Scenario 1: We enter an apocalyptic state of anthro-entropy, where our mechanical progeny determines that their ancestors – humans – are a virus and must be exterminated.
Scenario 2: Our robot children choose a course of compassion and honor us as their creators, constructing a global ecovillage utopia with unlimited energy and granting us all a taste from of the fountain of youth – manifesting our physical immortality.
Scenario 3, 4, 5: …
105 Henry St. Store #4 NYC, NY 10002 • •
Whatever could happen post-singularity, all of these scenarios propose external and material solutions to the human brain’s beautiful and devastating existential conundrums. A circumvention of death – which the fear of – is arguably the root of all fears. A faith that the human technologies; that have and will further destroy our planet can fix it, while maintaining a superabundance status-quo.
Yet what countless humans have known since the beginning of Time (and the time before the beginning of Time) is that death is an illusion and simply a transition into the mystery, and that we are immortal and eternal beings. We have tried and true internal technologies and methodologies to achieve transcendence, to return to harmony with Earth and Omniverse, and to obtain all the silver bullet promises that a tech driven worldview carrot-dangles before us.
In creating the spells, talismans, and wormholes in this space, L has drawn upon knowledge obtained from a lifelong practice of folk ritual, ceremonial magic, and occultism. The space includes deflective and protective superpositioned talismans imbedded into the existing architecture, as well as spell vessels that have been specifically programmed towards the unified hexing of the singularity.
On the occasion of this ritual space, the perfumer Christopher Gordon of Maison Anonyme – has created a quantum scent to ward off the singularity. It has been infused by L into an incense that burns throughout the duration of the exhibition.
L has held solo exhibitions at JOAN, Los Angeles; Marlborough, New York; Stems Gallery, Brussels; AND NOW, Dallas; Final Hot Desert, Utah; Shoot The Lobster, Los Angeles; Martos Gallery, New York; Michael Thibault Gallery, Los Angeles; Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City.
Selected group exhibitions include Getty Museum, Los Angeles; Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills; Team Gallery, New York; Kerry Schuss, New York; CAPITAL, San Francisco; Deitch + Nicodim, Los Angeles; Nicodim Gallery, Los Angeles & Bucharest; Venus over Los Angeles; Ellis King, Dublin; The LDS Church History and Art Museum, Salt Lake City; The Ghetto Biennale, Port-au-Prince.
L’s work has been featured in Frieze Magazine, Artforum, New Yorker Magazine, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and Spike Quarterly among many others. L is featured in Taschen’s new publication, “Witchcraft. The Library of Esoterica”, October 2021.
No Gallery was established in 2019. Located in the lowest of the Lower East Side, No Gallery focuses on emerging artists and immersive presentations of their works.