What we saw at SWAB Art Fair 2021. Here are the booths that we liked the most.

After a long pandemic period with no-physical fairs, we visited SWAB Art Fair in Barcelona. The fair booths were divided in a large number of sections in order to have different focus depending on the nature of their projects as well as origin. Between the General Program, Emerging, the Focus Eastern Europe, Swab Seed, Swab on Paper, Swab Reading, My First Art Fair, Ephemeral and the Performance section, we choose our favorite booths. 

Pedro Torres

Enric Fort Ballester, Franz Jyrch, Samuel Henne

Galería Punto
Alberto Feijóo, Inma Femenia

Galería Fran Reus
Bartomeu Sastre

A Pick Gallery
Gema Rupérez, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos

Pablo Capitán, Sergio Porlán, Manuel M. Romero 

House of Chappaz

Mit Borrás, Paco Chanivet

La Única Galería

Erick Antonio Benítez

Xavi Rodriguez, Beatriz Dubois