Ariel Herwitz at Brittany / Vallejo

 Ariel Herwitz / Omnis

October 9 – November 27, 2021

Brittany, 801 Sacramento St. Vallejo CA

Exhibition Text:

Have you been having a difficult time?

So have we.

But we are looking forward.

The dirt, the blue and the light see us.

Let the warmth dance around us.

The star card shows a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a small pool.

She holds two containers of water: one in her left hand and one in her right.

She pours the water out to nourish the earth and to continue the cycle.

Represented by the greenery around her.

The other container pours the water in five rivulets.

Representing the five senses.

The woman has one foot on the ground. The other foot in the water.

She is naked. Behind her shines one large star.

When you see a falling star and make a wish, it may come true.