Theresa Hak Kyung Cha at Manifold Books / Amsterdam

Between the Teeth / Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

organised by Unbidden Tongues (Isabelle Sully and Matt Hinkley)

28 November 2021 – 22 January 2022

Manifold Books

Kraijenhoffstraat 34 

1018RL Amsterdam


Photography: Maartje Fliervoet

We are happy to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Between the Teeth.
Between the Teeth is a collaboration between Isabelle Sully and Matt Hinkley
(Unbidden Tongues) that will showcase diverse material from the legacy of Korean-
American multimedia artist and writer Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (Busan 1951 – New
York 1982) in partnership with the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film

Archive. Her multilingual oeuvre includes artists’ books, mail art, performance, audio,
video, film and installation, based on an embodied thinking about mother tongue and
forced migration. Her non-conformist experimental novel
Dictée is an influential work
in the context of identity, ethnicity and gender.

Between the Teeth is part of a new series of exhibitions running until the summer of
2022. The title of this sequence,
Inwardly luscent, is a quote from Theresa Hak Kyung
Inwardly luscent emphasises opulent inner worlds, testifying to their capacity for
resistance. In various ways, each exhibition deals with processes of figuring out one’s
own way of living within all kinds of imposed systemic limitations.