Kadri Liis Rääk at Hoib Gallery / Tallinn, Estonia

Kadri Liis Rääk / “Xarcadia”

curated by Marika Agu

28 January – 28 February 2022

Hoib Gallery

Tehnika 15

Tallinn, Estonia

On 28 January, gallery Hoib opens Kadri Liis Rääk’s exhibition “Xarcadia”, curated by Marika Agu (Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art).

Kadri Liis Rääk (1990) is an artist combining the methods of scenography and new media, cre- ating total and tactile environments. At the heart of her practice sits the idea of empowering the senses through the use of various materials. Kadri Liis treats her pieces as potential extensions of the body that blur the self and facilitate a new type of contact with the surrounding environ- ment.
At the exhibition “Xarcadia” we witness the space-time of a living being, staged in the future. Having been forced to detach from the rest of the world, it has found a home in seclusion, in a basement of an apartment building, where it germinates foundations for a new understanding of the world. As a result, an empathic creature, reliant and dependent on its surroundings is born, synthesising impulses from a lost world. This scene brings to the viewer soft sculptures, created in punch needle embroidery and various textiles, as well as ceramic objects and artworks on paper.
The exhibition is accompanied by a paper artefact, designed by Eva Rank, with a text by the artist, expanding the inner monologue of the main character of the show, and complementing the physical objects.
Hoib Gallery is an exhibition space located in the basement of an apartment building on Tehnika street, Tallinn. The space in the basement came with the rental apartment of the owner of the gallery and there are no visible signs to guide the visitor to the exhibition space. Hoib Gallery, located at Tehnika 15, is open by appointment.
The exhibition is curated by Marika Agu, also working as a curator at the CCA. Collaborative projects with smaller self-initiated exhibition spaces like Hoib Gallery are part of the CCA’s pro- gramme to empower and support Estonian art institutions. Previously, the CCA has collaborated with the video game museum LvLup! (January 2021) and the bookshop Lugemik (September 2020).