Ada M. Patterson at Manifold Books / Amsterdam

Ada M. Patterson / Kanga for the Present

5 March – 9 April

Manifold Books

Kraijenhoffstraat 34, 

1018 RL Amsterdam

In Kanga for the Present Ada M. Patterson shows an ongoing series of kanga. A textile popular in East Africa, kanga always contain a saying and are given as gifts, during life-changing moments such as celebration or mourning. Kanga are often worn as a piece of clothing wrapped around the head, shoulders or waist.

In conversation with friends and loved ones living under climate crisis, Ada M. Patterson uses kanga to hold all the grief, joy and complication experienced by changing bodies in a changing world. 

Just as a hurricane revolves around its eye and a rolling wave turns in and around itself, so do the minds and bodies of those wrapping themselves in kanga. 

Following the contours of the attic space of Manifold Books, the artist displays the kanga as a canopy, of-fering shelter to any spiralling movements inside. 

About Manifold Books:

Manifold Books is a platform that explores connections between art and books. With each exhibition a few titles are added to its book collection (all including artists’ interventions). For further info, please refer to: 

This exhibition has been made possible by:

Koninklijke Fabrieken Posthumus B.V. 

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds