The Equality of Possibility at Kunstverein Bielefeld / Bielefeld

The Equality of Possibility  
featuring Bady Dalloul, Flint Jamison, Lia Perjovschi, Lorenza Longhi, Ramaya Tegegne, and Rindon Johnson

13.11.2021 – 20.03.2022

Kunstverein Bielefeld
Welle 61
Bielefeld, Germany

All images courtesy and copyright of the artists and the Kunstverein Bielefeld 

The Kunstverein Bielefeld is delighted to present the group exhibition The Equality of Possibility, featuring the work of Bady Dalloul, Flint Jamison, Lia Perjovschi, Lorenza Longhi, Ramaya Tegegne, and Rindon Johnson. The exhibition frames questions of political equality in terms of aesthetic thought. It takes equality not to be a given, but rather a preconditioning act, one which does not refer to individual capacities, whether natural or socially or culturally acquired. Going back to the early Kunstvereine (art associations) of the nineteenth century, we find that they too followed the ideal of making art public and thus accessible to everyone. In the present day, questioning our own structures of representation – and the associated conditions of accessibility – remains a highly relevant task.

The exhibition is based on a number of questions, which we cordially invite you to reflect on with us. How can we conceive of different forms of equality from the perspective of art? In what ways can we critically question the prevailing mechanisms of the art field? What does this specifically mean for artistic production in today’s circumstances? What role do spectators have in all of this?

The Equality of Possibility features an extensive program of accompanying events, including artists’ talks, lectures, and workshops held in cooperation with Bielefeld University and the Bethel Theater Workshop. We also offer inclusive tours particularly aimed at people with visual impairments.