Kong Chun Hei at Feyerabend /Hong Kong

Kong Chun Hei 鄺鎮禧 / Off Beat 踏空

01/04/22 – 14/05/22

Feyerabend, Hong Kong

All images (c) Kong Chun Hei

Don’t let yourself be noticed, and don’t let your awareness be easily intruded. Right now, doing nothing is the most active resistance. Such a passive opportunity is really rare. No matter how gentle the regular admonitions are, they only create anxiety and will make you feel ashamed of everything about yourself. When all matters in the picture are removed, expectations can be easily controlled. This will urge you to do anything for others but these seemingly pure obsessions are only a cover up, so please hide them in a dark place to dry. In fact, you could still build and operate by maintaining your own boundaries. The above is just the background soundtrack, you are not the protagonist. 

1 The change is not to satisfy your awareness 

2 Rigidify into a full piece of blind spot 

3 Announcing for the sake of announcement 

4 Carving everything out but leaving the framework then so what 

5 Performing for you to eliminate your line of sight 

Special thanks to 陳子澂 Andre Chan and 周宛昀 Olivia Chow