June Crespo at Carreras Mugica / Bilbao

June Crespo / Between Someone and Something

27 May – 29 July

Gallery Carreras Mugica, Heros Kalea, 2 48009 Bilbao, Bizkaia Spain

Carreras Mugica is pleased to present, from 27 May to 29 July, Between Someone and Something, June Crespo’s third solo exhibition at the gallery, following those held in 2015 and 2017. For this exhibition, the artist has prepared several works. On the one hand, eight wall works, made of steel and bronze, go further in her research into the assembly configuration of known objects. This same eagerness to experiment runs through another group of works made with polyester resin and fiberglass: some, created from the formwork of pillars used in construction, establish a dialogue with the gallery space; others, from drums, an element also used in her Core series made in concrete. Flowers, which have undergone a change of scale in wax and bronze casting, and work from the No osso series complete this exhibition. Textiles, frequent in Crespo’s work, acquire a new prominence. June Crespo’s art practice is generally classified as sculpture, a médium in which she deploys a language predicated on methods like collage or assemblage coupled with experimental use of the image. The origins of her work can usually be found in the affective and dialectic bonds between forms and functional objects from her surrounding environs. Intuition is a starting point for touching on all kinds of interests and concerns in her Works, though without addressing them explicitly or premeditatedly in the initial conception. Her methodological strategy is grounded in the material transformation of preexisting elements and other forms which she appropriates by means of reproducing them with casts. Crespo interferes in the way the objects are interpreted, unleashing their associative potential in a process that involves engaging in a whole set of operations that range from the combination, reconfiguration, or organization of different parts to the incorporation of processual contingencies, like fragments, breakages, imperfections or traces. These “events” are co-opted into the work, reinforce its materiality, enhance its tactile quality and enrich the narrative connotation of the proposed new structures.