Michael Bauer at ECC Project Room / Chieri

Michael Bauer – ECCPROJECTS #02 

6 – 26 June 2022

Project Room 
Via Martiri della Libertà 2
10023, Chieri

Michael Bauer (Erkelenz, 1973), lives and works in New York.
The amorphic, animalistic forms of German painter Michael Bauer are built upon
color washes, meandering lines, and bulbous protrusions. Utilizing a variety of
rendering techniques and materials, including pointillism, text and high-chroma
colors, Bauer transforms his free-form compositions into dynamic and ornamented
abstractions. He borrows from the colorful tradition of Modernist composition,
juxtaposing collaged cutouts with a bevy of 20th century painting methodologies to
make the swirling paintings he’s become known for.
In Bauer’s paitnings, the spectator’s eye and mind work together in order to
distinguish and rebuild hidden shapes: hands, feet and several anatomical details,
faces, boots, gloves, tubes and other objects emanate living impressions and
release smells and liquids.