CAUTÈRE at FRAC Corsica / Corte

CAUTÈRE – Caroline Poggi, Jonathan Vinel, Kamilya Kuspanova, Claire Fontaine, Jason Dodge, Sybil Montet, Cajsa von Zeipel, Yung Nihilist, Alessandro di Pietro, Hanna Antonsson, Emma Stern, David Rappeneau, Alessandro de’ Pesci

09.07.2022 —16.10.2022

FRAC Corsica
Rue de la Cittadella
20250 Corte

Photo Credits: Léa Eouzan Pieri
«Cautery: A chemical or physical agent used to destroy tissue, facilitate healing, or achieve local hemostasis (stopping a hemorrhage).»

In all their films, Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel deploy a vital energy, which embraces revolt and melancholy, rage and sweetness. This contradiction is most often felt through characters who are on the verge of death, who are not satisfied with the conditions of their existence. Children of refusal, partisans of what can only be understood through sensations, the two artists have a romantic streak, the fierce streak of riddled hearts, facing a standardized society.
For their first monographic exhibition, they have chosen three of their videos to which is added an eclectic corpus of works by other artists that carry the same incandescence. If the angels have long since burned their wings and no longer know how to fly, there remains a raw poetry that lets the sun shine in the night, like urgent clues that beauty remains, under unusual forms.
Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel thus produce sparks in the heart of suburban areas with their ramshackle monotony, but also in the countryside polluted by Kinder wrappers, and even on the surface of the Mediterranean where a wildfire becomes a hallucinatory motif. In fact, their art is a way of cauterizing the wounds that all the neon god’s beauties receive raw. Their films are therefore burns that act as bandages because they are able to heal the pains, doubts and fears that can animate the youth, confronted with the fury of the times.