DL Library: The Composing Rooms 2010-2020

The book contains several essays that capture the context of contemporary art that emerged during the global financial crisis of 2008, and how the internet played a significant role in the emergence of a new way of finding, making, and displaying art, as well as how that shifted over the decade.

The book also documents The Composing Rooms curatorial project which hosted over 40 exhibitions, talks, events, and projects and exhibited over 60 artists. Relevant essays and texts in the book include those by the founder and director Ché Zara Blomfield, alongside those by artists and curators: Gerardo Contreras (Preteen Gallery), Nate Hitchcock, Yanyan Huang, Miltos Manetas, Warren Neidich, Marisa Olson, and Krystal South, with an animated .gif by Petra Cortright. The fold-out dust jacket is a uniquely commissioned limited edition artwork by Aaron Graham.ISBN 978-0-473-53284-0€25 EUR  including GST/VAT.

Images´ credits:  Sonia Cameron