180×120 at Haus N Athen / Athens, Greece


With: Leo Chesneau, Georgia René-Worms, Charlotte Nieuwenhuys, Lukas Panek, Eleni Bagaki, Jean-Damien Charmoille, Konstantinos Giotis, Amalia Vekri, Elvire Bonduelle, Despina Charitonidi, Claudio Coltorti, Kyveli Zoi

Curated by Florent Frizet

22 April – 6 May, 2023

Haus N Athen, 

Kairi 6, 2nd floor, Athens 


180×120 is an ongoing curatorial project by Florent Frizet, that started in 2022, taking place in his private apartment in the center of Athens, and where each time different artists were exhibiting one painting of the same format.

This specific format functions as an equalizer, in anthropomorphic scale, it exists as a 

standard frame size and the largest shape to fit inside the elevator of the office building where the apartment sits on top of. The hanging and set up was also always the same utilizing the natural light and architecture of the apartment. 

Playing with the same size creates a tableau of different styles and aesthetics.
As objects, the works on canvas inherently shine through their temporality and immobility. The immobility of the work relates to its permanent, yet delicate existence on the canvas remaining still amidst its repeatedly rotating surroundings. 

A larger scale presentation with all the works that have been exhibited so far, is taking place at Haus N, creating a set up where the spectator can move around the floating canvases. 

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