Brishty Alam at GOMO / Vienna

Brishty Alam / The Ass in the Tiger’s skin 

May 5th – May 27th 2023 

Volkertpl. 8, 1020 Wien

Photos by Sophie Pƶlzl

the tiger’s might the ass’ sin

the tiger might have skinned herself

a rug a cape a cloak a claw a hid den beast

a broken law

excoriated second skin

hung upon the wretch’s flesh the wretched stretch

of dermis drawn abraded thin

until the light creeps sight seeps in

there lies the braying fool within

Elliot Lewis

Elliot Lewis is a writer and astrologer based in London. He studied Art History and Architecture at the University of Cambridge before mov ing to Paris to work as a translator.


Brishty Alam’s works are invested with a magical, shape-shifting quality. They adapt to, resist and converse with their environments, and when brought together, they unfold their many aspects in gregarious and often surprising ways.

Born in London, lives and works in Vienna. Exhibitions include Memphis, Linz (2022), Neue Kunstverein Wien (2022), Independent Space Index, Vienna (2022), Ajker, Tati, London (2022), French Riviera, London (2021), Haus Wien (2021), lntersectional Commeration Club Risograph Reader #1, Berlin (2021), Austrian Cultural Forum Warsaw (2019), Parallel Vienna Art Fair (2019), Center for Contemporary Arts Celje (2019).