Artist’s Artist at Galeria Luisa Strina / São Paulo

Artist’s Artist with
Afonso Pimenta, Ana Raylander, Fred Lemos Auad, Gabriela Mureb, Gaya Rachel, Júlia Gallo, Mariela Scafati, Marina Hachem, Marlon de Paula, Priscila Rooxo, Renato Maretti, Rose Afefé, Sofia Caesar, Tantão, Tiago Tebet, Yan Braz

May 11 – June 24, 2023

Galeria Luisa Strina
R. Padre João Manuel, 755
São Paulo, Brazil

All images courtesy and copyright of the artists and gallery. Photos by Ana Pigosso.

The proposal of the exhibition Artist’s Artist, which occupies Room 2 of Galeria Luisa Strina, was to invite the artists represented by the gallery who are residents in Brazil to indicate other artists to participate in a group exhibition. The suggestion was that they should nominate historical or contemporary artists, preferably Brazilian, who have not yet achieved due visibility within the museum and gallery circuit.


This project is based on the assumption that the relationships and connections established among artists are essentially driven by interests very different from those of curators, gallery owners, art advisors, museum directors and journalists. Delegating the choice of participating works to artists – and in this case, a set of 24 works selected by 16 artists – naturally implies a polyphonic exhibition. And yet, each of the selected works reveals something about the artists who made the nominations: sometimes aesthetic, methodological, thematic affinities are evident; sometimes they reveal similar research directions; or simply an admiration for something completely different from the work of the artist-curator. 


The vast majority have chosen to highlight the practice of younger artists, many of them still without representation in commercial galleries. In some cases, these are relationships of affinity that have developed over the years, often involving a regular dialogue and monitoring of the trajectory of these young artists. In others, the represented artists got to know the works through exhibitions held elsewhere. There are also examples of selected artists who are already established in the market and who are present with a different production from the one that gave them recognition; as well as artists who, for various reasons, have never had a significant insertion in the art circuit.


Above all, Artist’s Artist is an opportunity to see a tiny portion of the production of different generations of artists from the perspective of some of the artists who work with us. In this sense, it forms a small but powerful panorama of some ideas and practices that point both to the past and to the future, kept alive through artists’ relationships with artists.


Afonso Pimenta – selected by Bruno Baptistelli

Ana Raylander – selected by Cinthia Marcelle

Fred Lemos Auad – selected by Tonico Lemos Auad

Gabriela Mureb – selected by Laura Lima

Gaya Rachel – selected by Anna Maria Maiolino

Júlia Gallo – selected by Thiago Honório

Mariela Scafati – selected by Pablo Accinelli

Marina Hachem – selected by Marina Saleme

Marlon de Paula – selected by Pedro Motta

Priscila Rooxo – selected by Panmela Castro

Renato Maretti – selected by Caetano de Almeida

Rose Afefé – selected by Marcius Galan

Sofia Caesar – selected by Fernanda Gomes

Tantão – selected by Jarbas Lopes

Tiago Tebet – selected by Alexandre da Cunha

Yan Braz – selected by Marepe