My eyes like shovels at HUA International /Berlin

My eyes like shovels 
Liz Craft, Augustin Katz, Franziska Lantz, Zoe Metra, Josip Novosel, Ola Vasiljeva. 
Curated by Gigiotto Del Vecchio
28/4 – 15/7 2023
HUA International
Potsdamer Str. 81B, 10785 Berlin

In the frame of Si He Yuan a new platform place of HUA International, the gallery is pleased to present in its Berlin spaces “My eyes like shovels” a group show curated by Gigiotto del Vecchio featuring the works of Liz Craft, Augustin Katz, Franziska Lantz, Zoe Metra, Josip Novosel, Ola Vasiljeva. 

Like a necessary overlapping of elements that inspired a liberating path of research and affirmation, this group show brings together, personal, intimate, exaggerated, chaotic, dissimilar, mystifying traces. The Si He Yuan (in Chinese means courtyard) of Hua International itself becomes a visual experiment through an excessive, almost redundant figurative presence; a multitude of elements that tell of a continuity between generations and poetic needs that are only apparently different. Almost harsh in its differences and in its attempt to re-establish a common scenario, the project interprets a personal parameter of relationship with art and the sensations deriving from it: its inevitable inexhaustibility, its inescapable beauty, its concrete presence. The show articulates between the allusive figurative sculptures by Liz Craft, the obscure drawing drafts by Augustin Katz, the river Thames found objects turned into mobiles by artist and thechno producer Franziska Lantz, Zoe Metra ́s intimacy through the lens of medias approach expressed in romantic – pop objects and video installations, the pictorial humour of Josip Novosel ́s characters, the new wave shapes and forms of Ola Vasiljeva ́s installations and objects.  


“My eyes like shovels” is a show that attempts to trace a different range of universes and poetical gestures, trying to immerse and surprise the viewer.