Maria Toll & Astrid Hjortdal at Apiece Gallery / Vilnius

Maria Toll & Astrid Hjortdal / The Observer (portal to everyday life)

2 Jule  –  5 August, 23

Apiece Gallery
M.K Čiurlionio st.

On July 2, Astrid Hjortdal and Maria Toll’s exhibition opens at “apiece”—a showcase-style gallery strategically focusing on autonomic artistic expression.

The exhibition is the second part of an exchange programme between galleries in different countries, initiated by apiece. The first result of such exchanges is the exhibition “Soap between fingers” by young Lithuanian artist Eglė Pilkauskaitė at “Galleri Toll” Stockholm.

We live side by side, but not together. Me, on the outer edges, either above or on the ground. At foot level, I get kicked at, but also fed. Or on top, on your windowsill or on a bronze sculpture. Looking out over all the landmass that has, over time, been replaced by construction works and facades. A glance through the letterbox or watching the neighbour on the balcony on the other side of the backyard. It is an ecosystem that is self-contained. I sit here, contemplating life and existence, bobbing my head back and forth to sharpen my vision, being let in and out through sliding doors at the train station. In and out of the café. I walk around eating cereal and leftover croissants. I look through all the windows as I fly by and think: I wish I was the one living there. Side by side with other strangers. Neighbours separated by layers of insulation, plaster walls and wood. We get close, but not too close. It’s important to know your boundaries.

Astrid Hjortdal and Maria Toll met in 2016, when they were studying fine art at Bergen Art Academy. They share the same interest in tactility and in creating narratives through sculpture and installation. Their work originates from daily discussions and thoughts about everyday life and the absurdity of living on this planet. Previous exhibitions of theirs as a duo include shows at Galerie Feiertag (Kassel, Germany) in 2022 and Afloat Contemporary (Bergen, Norway) in 2023.

Astrid Hjortdal 
(b. 1994, Denmark) lives and works in Oslo. Her individual work revolves around themes of narrative, perspective and scale, and using sculpture and texts to mix animals, humans and objects. She has also published a book entitled the function of the body is to carry your life.

Maria Toll (
b. 1990, Sweden) lives and works in Stockholm. In her individual sculptural practice, she works with time and nostalgia and seeks to evoke individual remembrances connected to public spaces and food. She also runs the art vitrine “Galleri Toll” located in the Stockholm metro.

Exhibition curators: Milena Černiakaitė and Aušra Trakšelytė
Communication: Menų komunikacija
Graphic design: Marek Voida

The exhibition is funded by the Vilnius City Municipality and the Lithuanian Council for Culture, Office for Contemporary Art Norway.


Maria Toll

Astrid Hjortdal

Apiece Gallery