Vittorio Bianchi at Italian Cultural Institute / Belgrade

‘Woven Memory’ / Vittorio Bianchi

Curated by Domenico de Chirico and Nata
a Radojevi

16 June – 28 August, 2023

Italian Cultural Institute of Belgrade
Kneza Miloa 56
11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Photo credit: Nebojsa Babic

The work of Italian artist Vittorio Bianchi (b.1982) revolves primarily around an element that manifests itself as a duality, more precisely described as an inventive and authentic gesture that is expressed in a dogmatic manner, sometimes through meticulous torn parts, and other times through vigorous ruptures. Furthermore, the two-dimensionality of the materials used by Bianchi is fundamentally questioned by interventions that create absences and open passages to other possible and imperishable dimensions, simultaneously highlighting both fragility and maximalism, characteristics that often elegantly distinguish everything that is deliberately torn or ripped: the fabrics used by the artist to create his works are the result of diligent and targeted research that encompasses Taiwanese silks, Italian lampas, monochromatic textures, and intricate prints, while also including technological fabrics with futuristic characteristics. Undoubtedly, his artistic exploration establishes multiculturalism as its foundation, closely linked to the historical context of the materials used, the processing of which magnifies the echoes of time. Based on these principles, “Woven Memory” emerges as a new exhibition chapter in Vittorio Bianchi’s artistic production. The cycle of works, presented at the premises of the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade, particularly celebrates the beauty of the renowned Italian lampas, a traditional fabric that evokes the products of local artisans, symbolizing a highly identitarian and noble traditional craftsmanship. On one hand, it embodies a sort of transposition of the “Canticle of the Creatures”, featuring floral motifs and fauna that, without temporal distance, point to life. On the other hand, it represents an artistic gesture that deeply tears or swiftly ruptures this fabric. Furthermore, the significant transformation of the lampas is dedicated to highlighting the current distress of the human condition in all its nuances, echoing the words of Saint Francis of Assisi regarding the aforementioned canticle: Blessed are those who endure it calmly, for they will be rewarded by the Most High.
                                                                                                                        Domenico de Chirico

The exhibition Woven Memory is held in collaboration with Drina Gallery

Partner: The Apartment by KDA

Thanks to Confindustria Serbia, ID Consultants