Tim Woodward at Animal House Fine Arts / Melbourne

Tim Woodward / Inheritance

September 21 – October 21, 2023

Animal House Fine Arts
Melbourne, Australia

Animal House Fine Arts is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Tim Woodward, Inheritance.

“Your home desk arrives as a projection of a desk in a near-flatpack of near-two-dimensional layers. In an act of projection, the box belies all it took to be boxed.Once it’s out and up, you imagine a desk is different to a table, or at least that adesk is not just a table. You set up your desktop computer on your desktop, andyou are sitting at your desk. The desk then projects itself into the screen as adesktop on the screen; you imagine the screen is not a screen but a desk. If youfollow this through, if a screen is a desk, then the world must have quarter-turned down on itself from you, and you must actually be sitting somehow face-down. This makes the act of desk-work look as if you’re trying to fall into sleepup on your shins and haunches, and the screen is incanting your dream.Somehow you don’t notice all this; you’ve thrown yourself into the work; you’redirected elseways. When you’re finished, you slip with your intuition out of theworld’s quarter-turn for now by putting your computer to sleep.”

– Excerpt from accompanying exhibition text by Rowan McNaught, Z.