Irene Pucci at Casa del Mutilato / Bari

Irene Pucci, Isola

Curated by Isabella Battista

September 23 / 23 November

Casa del Mutilato
Largo Angelo Fraccacreta, Bari


The “Casa del Mutilato hosts the Apuglian photographer Irene Pucci. On display black and white shots that capture places and fragments of memory, in search of self and one’s own identity roots. The existential journey through remote places of memory, represented through strictly black and white shots, characterizes the poetics of Irene Pucci (born in Gioia del Colle, 1975). The author is the protagonist of ‘Isola’ (Island), the exhibition at the Casa del Mutilato in Bari, curated by Isabella Battista and promoted by the association FPS Arte & Cultura.
Devoid of any documentary intent, Irene Pucci’s works seem to capture visual fragments of the inner gaze, moments of existential reflection that immortalize seemingly irrelevant details of the phenomenal datum, to investigate the most hidden motions of individual and collective psyche.
Irene Pucci’s journey is an endless search for the Self and one’s own identity roots, an autobiographical narrative through images that becomes universal, in line with an ideal continuity with ‘Oppio’ (Opium), her previous solo exhibition held last year at Palazzo Oldofredi Tadini Botti in Torre Pallavicina, in the Bergamo area. As curator Isabella Battista emphasizes: ‘Irene Pucci manages to capture through the lens, unrepeatable moments that describe life unfolding, preferring unexpected situations, captured in the instant and destined to never repeat again.'”