David Attwood at Bill’s PC / Fremantle

David Attwood / Glue Paintings

3 February – 4 March 2024 

Bill’s PC
8 Phillimore St

The exhibition Glue Paintings at Bill’s PC presents two new works; a series of ‘glue paintings’, and a found object in the form of a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

The paintings are made by glossing the packaging of various Apple products with PVC cement – a quick-setting plumbing adhesive used to seal high pressure pipes. This treatment leaves the Apple insignia mostly visible, though crudely tinted in a noxious green, recasting the packages as highly-reflective monochromes.

The Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle occupies most of the gallery space, forming an obstruction that makes it difficult to enter, or to get a close look at the paintings. Fortunately they’ve been documented and are already available to view online.

Upon request an additional painting is viewable in a non-gallery part of the building; a dimly lit cavity that provides service access to the cisterns of an adjacent toilet block.

The works within the exhibition reflect upon the conditions of viewership. They speak of the entrepreneurial nature of contemporary artist-run spaces, and of contemporary life in general.