In The Studio #76 Anastasios Logothetis

Anastasios Logothetis is based in Stockholm and New York

Possibility of a Beach

During a 90-day
long trip spent in isolation on a beach in Crete, Greece, the summer of 2010,
Anastasios Logothetis documented the passing of every day in writing. Spanning
over a large spectrum of formats the different days are then separately reproduced
in artworks that reflect on the life on the beach while dealing with a specific
set of issues. As a long-term project it allows for the works to take the form
of research in development, while also existing as finished products ready for
display. In a modular fashion the different days can be situated together to
form specific strands of thought. However, when a different constellation
occurs between the days the line of thought is disrupted to form a new one. A
natural instinct to create and display a multiplicity of characters is being
implemented; breaking up the norm of what can be called a visual language to
create a non-language with inherent connections that can only be discerned over
an expanded amount of time.