Erin Jane Nelson / Going for Soup

Erin Jane Nelson 
Going for Soup

Dimokritou 21
10673 Athens, Greece

27 March – 26 April 2015

photos by Elias Chlepas

We are happy to present Erin Jane Nelson’s solo exhibition ‘Going for Soup’.

In “Going for Soup,” Erin Jane Nelson presents quilts and ceramics made in the spirit of Post-Pinterest Post-Etsy craft as a means of undercutting the hubris of neoliberal DIY leisure economies and their relationship to the private & public labor and value. Many of her forms and gestures are lifted and re-mixed from her surroundings in the Bay Area–itself a hotbed of self-destructing utopias and radical idealism. Erin also borrows from feminist art history by actively dismantling or breaking apart her forms as she works: peeling, burning, squeezing, puncturing, digesting, re-packing, and adorning the materials. As such, there is a tone of violence and disruption in both the content and affect of the work she produces. For example, in ALF Lone Wolf 37096-013 Erin features notorious eco-prisoner, Walter Bond–an homage to rogue activism and an ultimate example of lifestyle decisions as violent self-actualization. Her work is a statement on subjectivity & distance, sympathy & inclusion; it’s funny, perverted, sad, aimless, and real.