Katharina Marszewski at Exile / Berlin

Katharina Marszewski / Unnecessary Warsaw Correspondent
Oct 13 – Nov 17, 2016
Kurfürstenstrasse 19
D – 10785 Berlin

EXILE is pleased to participate in this year’s European Month of Photography with a solo exhibition by artist Katharina Marszewski entitled Unnecessary Warsaw Correspondent.
The exhibition reveals an array of visual material and sources of non-linear events assembled during the last 15 years. Marszewski’s small-format photographs, previously glued into notebooks, depict façades, gazes, acts, lines of text and locations for possible scenarios. On the streets of her native city of Warsaw, the artist found the material for a language that she didn’t want to forget.
One can see a longing for expression – or perhaps for another identity? ‘The city I couldn’t live in became my muse.’ Her self-imposed role as fictional correspondent reads like an unusual report, rich in associations. At the same time, Marszewski breaks with conformist expectations for a uniform narrative and uses her photographs to visualize other planes of reality in collages and arrangements.