Xavier Mary and ssaliva at KOMPLOT / Brussels

 Xavier Mary and ssaliva / Daisyworld of Mordor Land 

 12 February – 13 March, 2017, Wed. – Sat., 2 – 6pm

 KOMPLOT Chaussée de Forest 90 Vorstesteenweg 1060 Brussels

photography by Ludovic Beillard

Daisyworld is a planet made of white and black daisies. Black daisies absorb energy and create more heat, allowing the white ones to blossom, until they are the only ones on the planet. White daisies reject the energy and cool down the globe, allowing the black ones to blossom until they are the only ones and so on. This planet is an illustration of Gaia’s hypothesis: what once appears to be chaos, might actually be natural changes making the planet functional on a delicate balance.

François Boulanger (ssaliva) and Xavier Mary were both born in Liège in the 80’s and have been active in their domain (music/sculpture) for more than 10 years. Their work triggers our sensorial relations to the techno-biosphere. They understood how to find beauty in a chaotic nature, where our senses got confused, disorienting us in a magical realism. Today’s ambient darkness is turning the planet into a Mordorland and the last bits of hope might be in the belief that we live in a functioning chaos, where anything that fades away is for a new thing to blossom. Text by Benjamin Munix