Berit Schneidereit at COSAR HMT / Düsseldorf

Berit Schneidereit

08.09. – 27.10.2017

Flurstr 57
40235 Düsseldorf

Images courtesy the artist and COSAR HMT
“terrain” marks COSAR HMT’s first exhibition with the artist Berit Schneidereit (b. 1988, Frankfurt am Main). The former master’s student of Andreas Gursky equally uses black and white and color photog-raphy as well as both digital and analogue techniques of image generation in order to renew the contemporary relevance of the originary photographic form, the photogram.
It seems paradoxical, but what opens up a view of the true nature of Berit Schneidereit’s work are precisely the fences, nets and grid structures that partly obscure one’s view of the landscapes in her recent photographs. They filter and reflect the light, lending the photographs their subtile atmospheric character, which always hovers between imagistic narration and concrete abstrac-tion. In this way, her approach is multilayered in truest sense. Her net and grid structures order the depicted space; they are membranes which diffuse one’s vision, leaving the viewer permanently focusing between near and far.
Berit Schneidereit processes her large-scale photographs in the dark room with nets and grids, which as photograms add another layer to the work. What results are hybrid images that illusive-ly assert themselves somewhere between relating to world and artistic construction.