Amalia Vekri at Fokidos / Athens

Amalia Vekri  / A touch of magic in
this world obsessed with science

10th of June – 20th of July

Eschylou 31, Psyri Athensä

by appointment only 

photos by Athanasios Gatos

‘A touch of magic in this world
obsessed with science’ [1]
woman looked at herself in the mirror. The smoke behind her was dissolving
while two bats were sipping on some milk. She stood still staring at her fading
image. How she craved to mutate into a watery jelly fish that lives for ever. The
risings and settings of her star sign positions were reassuring, promising a
good year, full of success and colourful flowers. More signs of good luck had
appeared the previous night in her sleep. A man was talking to a python, a
fortune teller was offering her a crystal ball, a flying monkey was climbing on
a mountain and a young girl was about to enter the gate of light. Hmm so far so
good she thought to herself, smelling the purple liquid that was burning her
eyes. She was about to have a taste when she felt a hand touching her hair and
a soft voice whispered in her ear ‘You
perhaps now know that desire reduces us to pulp’.
[2] She pulled back her hair and brought
the fizzy liquid in her mouth. The taste was better than she expected.

[1] ‘Death Becomes Her’ David Koepp &
Martin Donovan
[2] ‘My Mother’ Georges