< pre > < history > Romanian* art now at Suprainfinit / Bucharest, Romania

<pre> <history> Romanian* art now

12 September – 26 October 2018

Naama Arad
Alle Dicu
Peles Empire 
Nona Inescu
Mi Kafchin
Mara Ploscaru 
Larisa Sitar 
Ioana Ursa 
Mihaela Vasiliu 
Kristin Wenzel 
Madalina Zaharia

Etaj 2, Sinatex Factory
Strada Popa Nan 82
București 024078


To mark the re-opening of the gallery in a permanent space, Suprainfinit gallery brings together a group of Romanian* artists, in an exhibition addressing the subject of “prehistory” but focusing equally on the “pre”** as much as on “history”.

* Despite the fact that all artists in the exhibition are somehow connected to Romania, the “romanian-ness” of this exhibition is almost non existent and it was never intended to do anything more than to underline this.

** In the preparatory stages of this exhibition we have used the text “PRE” by Ion Dumitrescu (published in Black Hyperbox, Punch Ed, 2017) as a working tool and a basis of dialogue.