Russell Tyler at A+B gallery / Brescia

Russell Tyler / Things at Night

May 16 – 20 June, 2019

A+B gallery 
Via Gabriele Rosa, 20a  
25121, Brescia

A+B gallery is pleased to present the first Russell Tyler’s solo show in Italy “Things at night” from May 16th to June 20th 2019.
The American artist from Brooklyn NY has exposed in Europe yet. “Things at night” at A+B is the occasion to present some never-before-seen works on which the artist has been working on for a long time.

This is the third exhibition about young American painters, preceded by Corey Mason’s and Osamu Kobayashi’s solo shows.

“Things at night” is a very ambiguous title for the exhibition: even if it sounds  dark and nocturnal, Tyler’s works refer to something really unpredictable and colourful: the dream.

The canvases simultaneously present warm and cold colours which create a bright effect reacting to artificial light. 
The acrylic paint is liquid and it’s directly put on the canvas without any basis. The surface of each element in the paintings appear uniform and flat, but at the same time dynamic and powerful because of the saturated colours.

Russell Tyler’s new series is characterised by different motives that co-exist like in a collage, linked to each other with weaved shapes, harmony between colours and the typical artificial light of Tyler’s paintings.

The abstract and well-defined shapes stratify and remind to natural elements. The canvas is entirely painted and the patterns reach every point of the surface creating a complex composition made by bright and contrasting colours. Every single element compose a bigger assemble that mixes together during the observation, as it was an artificial landscape.